Class Courtesy Policy

  • For the safety and satisfaction of all our yoga students, please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes PRIOR to the class start time. This will allow you to center yourself before class and ensure everyone has a space to lay down their yoga mat.

  • First-time, new students MUST arrive 15 minutes before class arrives if they want to take the class.

  • Students who arrive more than 5 minutes after the posted class start time will not be permitted to enter the studio, regardless of circumstances. If you arrive within the 5 minute grace period, please enter the studio in silence. Please note: the 5 minute grace period is intended for rare emergencies only, and should not be considered an acceptable time to enter class each week.

  • Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive to class. Please be respectful of your instructor and fellow students by being inside the studio on your mat at the posted start time. If you must leave early, please advise the instructor at the beginning of class, and take the place nearest the exit.

  • Lastly, please turn your phone to silent or switch it to “Airplane Mode” when you arrive.